About Lineberger Consulting Engineers

JEFF LINEBERGER, P. E.Lineberger Consulting Engineers, Inc. is the parent company to Austin Texas Structural.  Founded in 2001, we practice traditional Civil, Structural, and Forensic Engineering throughout the State of Texas.  Mr. Jeffery L. Lineberger, P. E. is Principal and owner of Lineberger Consulting Engineers, Inc.  Our firm is based in San Antonio, Texas.
In addition to our Civil and Forensic Engineering practice, our firm specializes in structural inspections.  That includes buildings of all types-Homes, Offices, Commercial Facilities, and Industrial Structures.  Normally, we’re asked to determine if a building is structurally sound.  Structurally sound or not, we provide our customers with an on-site consultation and a written report detailing all aspects of the structure, its condition, and suggested methods of repair (if applicable).



About Lineberger Consulting Engineers About Lineberger Consulting Engineers About Lineberger Consulting Engineers